What I Have to Look Forward To

One of the best things about being a Peace Corps invitee in the age of the internet is that I can easily communicate with my fellow Mongolia invitees and the Peace Corps Volunteers who are already over in Mongolia. They even created a nifty little Facebook group for all of us M25s (those of us in the 25th group to go to Mongolia) and the volunteers over there so we can ask them every burning question under the sun about what to expect, what to pack, etc. It’s been extremely helpful, and I’ve learned that apparently the Peace Corps banishes–er, sends–all the cool kids to Mongolia. I may be a little bit biased, but it seems like our M25 group (and the M22s, M23s, and M24s already in country) are the most awesome, fun, interesting dudes and dudettes, and I can’t wait to meet them all!

One of the current volunteers in Mongolia, Jerome, was even nice enough to write a letter to us about what we can look forward to! You can read his blog post with the letter here.

So now I know that while living in Mongolia, I will be surrounded by drunk people, will probably be proposed to a couple times, and might be able to get away with punching a drunken guy if he proposes to me.

More importantly, Jerome shared what is honestly the most comprehensive description of what our pre-service training will be like that I have yet to receive (the Peace Corps is not exactly great at sharing details with invitees any sooner than the absolute last minute). So although I won’t know where I’ll be living for my two-year service until the end of August, at least now I know where we’ll likely be for our training (unless the Peace Corps decides to change things up with our group…)



4 thoughts on “What I Have to Look Forward To

  1. No getting married until after you come back! Lol
    It’s really nice that you have access to information about what you can/may expect from your trip, it gives you time to prepare. And being biased and realizing you have a fun group isn’t a bad thing! Lol! It will be a great experience and I cannot wait to hear all about it!

    • Whoops, you are correct! Apparently I had used the previous version of the flag from 1940-1992, which does have the star. This is what happens when you do a Google image search for “Mongolian flag” and randomly choose one of the first results! I have changed the flag on my page to the correct one.

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