Packing, Goodbyes, and Cake

We are now officially less than 3 days from the start of my adventure! I leave for San Francisco on Wednesday morning, and then we begin our long flight over to Mongolia on Friday morning. As much as I hate packing, I’ve finally realized that I don’t really have much more time to put it off. So yesterday I managed to pack my winter suitcase (once we get to Mongolia, the Peace Corps people there take one of our bags and put it in storage during the 3 months of pre-service training, so that’s the bag that we stuff full of crap we won’t need during the summer), and hopefully today I can make progress on my other bags.

I’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes over the past few weeks. We had little send-off parties with both sides of my family, and of course cake was involved!

Cake #1

Cake #1

Cake #2

Cake #2

Apparently there’s such a thing as edible icing images, where bakeries can print photos onto sheets of icing, which they then put on the cake. Pretty cool!

Now, back to packing!

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