Halfway-Through-PST Assessments

The first class day after Mid-Center Days, we were given more details about our first TAP (Trainee Assessment Packet), which is where our program manager sits down with us individually and discusses how we’ve done so far during PST, using information gathered from our LCFs, our technical session trainers, and our host family. We knew that was scheduled for the next day, but then they told us that we would also have a “practice” LPI (Language Proficiency Interview) the next day as well, which was news to all of us as we had asked and had confirmed several times before that we only had the one LPI at the end of PST. So we were given less than 24 hours to prepare for that, but I tried not to stress over it too much since I knew they couldn’t really do anything if I failed miserably (no one gets kicked out for not knowing the language well enough). And of course, I was scheduled for the very first LPI in the morning!

The LPI consisted of us describing (in Mongolian of course) 3 of 4 topics (ourselves, a friend, our American family, or our Mongolian host family); answering and asking questions (the LCF asked me 30 questions and then had me ask her a bunch of question); and then a situational dialogue (either shopping in a store or taking a taxi). It was a lot more intense than I thought it would be, but both of the LCFs said I did really well. Apparently there was only one question that I couldn’t answer, and I only made one major mistake when I accidentally said my host parents were in their seventies instead of their forties (the words sound a lot alike, ok!). So that ended up being a bit of a confidence booster.

I had my TAP right after that, which also went very well. All of my trainers thought I was doing very well and my host family had said I was integrating well. The only issue was that my practicum at the family clinic wasn’t going too well because I had a hard time taking the initiative to get involved, which I already knew was something I was struggling with and needed to work on. But apparently our practicums are kind of set up to fail so that we get some practice dealing with some of the issues we will likely face at our permanent site.

Overall, both the LPI and the TAP were very informative, and it was nice to hear them tell me that I was doing so well.


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