I Have a New YouTube Channel!

There have been several of my previous posts where I said I had accompanying videos that I would upload at some point. Turns out, you have to have the “Premium Plan” on WordPress to upload videos directly into a blog post. So the only way I could share my videos (without paying money to upgrade my WordPress account) was by first uploading them to YouTube and then inserting the YouTube videos into the posts.

Fast-forward to me finally creating a YouTube channel to put my videos on, and we have MininMongolia: YouTube edition!

There you will find videos from as far back as our Peace Corps orientation right after arriving in Mongolia up to the recent Shine Jil parties (and everything in between, like Naadam, the trip to Amarbayasgalant Monastery, and the traditional Mongolian dance a few of us learned and performed at our Swearing-In Ceremony).

I’m not going to go back through my previous posts and insert the YouTube videos (although I may just add a link at the end of those posts for future readers to know where to find the videos), but from now on if I have a video to accompany a post, I will go ahead and insert it into said post AND upload it to my YouTube channel.


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