Peace Corps Acronyms

You may have noticed from my posts that Peace Corps uses A LOT of acronyms. I’ve tried to spell out the acronyms whenever I use them for the first time here on my blog, but that doesn’t really help much unless the reader has read every single one of my posts AND happens to remember what a certain acronym means when they see it in a later post. So here is a handy-dandy list of some of the acronyms I have used or probably will use in the future:

CD: Country Director (aka the head honcho of the Peace Corps program in a certain country)

COS: Close of Service (the completion of a Peace Corps Volunteer’s overseas service)

CP: Counterpart (a coworker at a Volunteer’s workplace that the Volunteer works closely with)

CYD: Community & Youth Development (one of the Peace Corps sectors that Volunteers can work in here in Mongolia)

ET: Early Termination (when a Peace Corps Volunteer decides to end their service prior to the end of their 27 months)

HCA: Host Country Agency (the agency/organization that a Peace Corps Volunteer works with during their service; in Mongolia this is usually a school, college/university, health department, or hospital)

HCN: Host Country National (any citizen or permanent resident of a Volunteer’s country of service)

IST: In-Service Training (a week-long training approximately 4 months after a Volunteer cohort has begun their service)

LCF: Language & Cultural Facilitator (a Host Country National who teaches language and culture skills to Trainees during Pre-Service Training)

LPI: Language Proficiency Interview (the interview conducted near the end of Pre-Service Training to evaluate each Volunteer’s language skills)

MEDEVAC: Medical Evacuation (the evacuation of a Trainee or Volunteer from their country of service because of medical reasons)

MI: Master’s International (a program combining Peace Corps service with obtaining a master’s degree)

MST: Mid-Service Training (the training taking place approximately one year after a Volunteer cohort has begun their service)

PC: Peace Corps

PCMO: Peace Corps Medical Officer (a health care provider working for Peace Corps in a particular country, who is responsible for the health needs of Trainees and Volunteers in that country)

PCT: Peace Corps Trainee (what a prospective Volunteer is called during Pre-Service Training, prior to being sworn in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer)

PCV: Peace Corps Volunteer

PC/M: Peace Corps/Mongolia (the Peace Corps program here in Mongolia)

PST: Pre-Service Training (a period of 2-3 months when a cohort of Trainees first arrives in country, focusing on learning the language and culture of the country)

RPCV: Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (someone who has successfully completed their Peace Corps service)

TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (one of the Peace Corps sectors that Volunteers can work in here in Mongolia)

UB: Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia)

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